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CLIENT: Hansen’s Florist / ROLES: Strategic Planning, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copy

Hansen’s Florist is a family-owned shop in Seattle whose heritage traces back to 1945. They pride themselves in their long history of beautifying the area with the freshest flowers for all occasions.

The audience for floral arrangements is growing older. To address the hurdles of their declining industry, Hansen’s needed a brand refresh.

The goal was to redefine their audience to capture the younger generation, often sought after but hard to obtain in the industry.

By changing the business plan to include both those looking to gift flowers in addition to those looking to buy for themselves, we have effectively captured a market that does not rely on planned purchases.

Most florists also rely on the patronage of more mature women but as sales decline across the industry, it was time for a change.

To engage younger shoppers, Hansen's added options for a diverse range of incomes by including single stem sales and adding more house plants to the stores.

Utilizing an updated web presence as a means to reach these consumers, they will showcase these new introductions to their storefronts.

Hansen’s new branding also relates to this younger audience by being modern and approachable while still exuding the elegance that their current clientele is looking for.

To keep their legacy intact dark green remains the focal color for their company. The color brown and recyclable paper materials were added into the visual identity to expand upon an approachable, eco-conscious, and natural appearance that is important to younger consumers.

The mixture of heritage and modernity comes into play across the brand with vintage nostalgia and a contemporary simplicity in the visual styling.

“Say anything with flowers”
-Hansen’s Florist