Hi friend! I am a color-obsessed designer interested in fostering partnerships with communities. My goal is to create work that is both collaborative and inclusive—and to have fun doing it!

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Hi! I’m Sadie Jordan, a creative based in Seattle, Washington (Suquamish, Duwamish, Stillaguamish, and Coast Salish tribal land). I recieved my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Portland State University.

For the past eight years, I have worked at CENTURY 21 Real Estate Center as their Graphic Designer and Media Manager. I have also had the pleasure of working with brands on a freelance basis. I am proud to have been the Editor-in-Chief of Pathos Literary Magazine from 2017-2020.

My passion is engaging with my community. I have mentored high school students, PSU Graphic Design underclassmen, and over 100 elementary school students in art and design. (Learn more about the collaborative exhibition ‘Kid City’ here.)(Learn more about the Hank Willis Thomas + ForFreedoms Digital Quilt project here.)

In 2019, I designed and lead the execution of downtown Portland’s first street painting. (Learn more about the celebratory Pride Month pop-up plaza here.) The same year, I designed and implemented a campaign to raise funds for students experiencing hardships at PSU’s College of the Arts. (Learn more about how we raised 5k for students in less than 24 hours.)

During the pandemic, I created a digital space for the art and design community to come together. With the help of AIGA + PSUGD, the free virtual workshop-series Good Company was born! (Learn more about how Good Company is connecting design students & professionals.)

I have also enjoy working with companies to create branding that showcases their story and highlights their strengths. (Learn more about Hansen’s Florist and the transformation of their brand.)(Learn more about the branding of Raja Kumari’s album and tour.)


My work is reflective of my desire to be inclusive, collaborative, and to create meaningful change in my communities. 

I hope to create a positive impact on the lives of those I work with. Together we will address that unique ‘something’ that you, your client, or your audience is going through.

I am excited to bring your vision to life! Please reach out to me here with inquiries. I am currently available for full-time employment as well as freelance projects and charity work.


Here are some things I believe in. I’m excited to work alongside people and organizations that also believe in furthering these causes.

I believe women’s rights are human rights.

I believe that no human is illegal.

I believe that Black Lives Matter.

I believe survivors.

I believe in protecting, supporting, and uplifting POC and indigenous peoples.

I believe in equity and accessibility for people with disabilities.

I believe that love is love.

I believe sex work is real work.

I believe in protecting, supporting, and uplifting members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

I believe that transgender people deserve safety, love, and respect.

I believe in action and accountability.

If you represent a charity or minority-owned business looking for design help, reach out to me! I will never turn anyone away due to lack of funds.


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︎ Illustration
︎ Experiential design
︎ Murals
︎ Print & pattern design
︎ Product design
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