Hi there! I am a color-obsessed designer interested in fostering partnerships with communities. My goal is to create work that is both collaborative and inclusive—and to have fun doing it!

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CLIENT: PSU College of the Arts / ROLES: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copy
COLLABORATORS: Ovidio Francisco-Juan, Concept, Art Direction, Design

TIDE (Taskforce for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity) is a group of faculty, staff, students, and friends looking to challenge existing paradigms and accelerate change in the School of Art + Design at PSU.

The new group needed a brand image and inviting collatoral for their first ever event- Making Waves. 

The group exists to start conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in and out of the classroom.

My instructor made me feel included in classs as far as my perspectives as a black American woman. She helped me with my portfolio and we after met together to discuss racial identity & art. -Making Waves Attendee

TIDE believes in the power of a conversation. By having meaningful discussions we can create meaningful change! After the event, student responses were presented to PSU College of the Arts faculty.

The assets created for TIDE included posters, event mockups, buttons, question cards, survey form, direction signs, and social media posts. 

Ovidio and I also met with the group frequently to determine TIDE’s current goals and mission, plan the Making Waves BBQ, and discuss strategies for future student engagement.